Special Edition Saturday – May 31, 2014.


Okay, let the accusations fly.

Who’s fault was it?

Personally, I think it was soho’s BBF poat.  She went full-frontal for us and *BOOOOOM*

In the meantime, since I know it would probably cause mass chaos if all of those who assemble here were to suddenly be released into the general population, here’s a thread for you to defile.


If you’re reading this, you definitely have run out of places to visit on the web. Hell, I bet you have at least 10 comments to your credit over at Kevlarchick’s place! (Remember, 1000 comments by 1/1/08!)

You want content? You’re in the wrong place. Better to try here or maybe here.  Hell, trust me, even this place is probably gonna be better than here.

That is, until I decide to end all contact with the outside world and become a full-fledged member of this new and exciting “blogging” phenomenon that all you kids are talking about.  (update [3/19/10]:  hasn’t happened yet.  probably not gonna happen.)